Open Category

OPEN CATEGORY [6 to 18 years old]

Topic 1: UNESCO-SDGs


On September 25th 2015, several countries adopted 17 goals to transform our world and to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years.

In this context, participants in the Open category will have to create with Scratch, video games, animations or short stories related to the sustainable development goals of UNESCO and mainly on how these sustainable development goals (SDGs) can echo the reality of Qatar nowadays.Through developing policies and strategic planning to monitor national progress

Here is a list of the 17 SDGs. Open Category animations, video games or short stories should be about one of the below themes


Open Category animations, video games or short stories should be about one of the above themes, participants in this category have to orient these universal SDGs into simplified topics that mirror the reality of Qatar in terms of sustainable development.

The below mentioned subcategories are just some examples to help participants figure out a topic that mirrors the reality of the country:

  • Qatar 2030 vision and SDGs: Human, Social, Economic and environmental development in the country.
  • High quality Education
  • Modernization and preservation of traditions
  • World Cup Organization
  • Sustainable infrastructure guidelines
  • Self-sufficiency and self-sustaining capability (food, water )
  • Etc …

Participants have to choose a topic related to these themes for the Open Category projects, but it is also highly welcomed to broaden up one’s horizon as well as the research scope in order to suggest other subcategories related to Qatar 2030 Vision and UNESCO SDGs.

Topic 2: FIFA World Football Cup 2022 in QATAR

Like last year, one of the most important upcoming events in Qatar is the FIFA World Cup 2022. Teams are free to choose to program a story, game or animation that illustrates their vision of the event.


Projects are accepted in English, French and Arabic languages.

We count on your inspiration and creativity! So on your marks, get set, Code!