SCROBOT Category

SCROBOT CATEGORY [6 to 18 years old]

The novelty of this year is the Scratch Robot (Scrobot) Category. Students are called to design, construct and program their own intelligent robotics/electronics solution relating to the current theme of this edition using Scratch. The controllers platforms can be: LEGO, Arduino, Raspberry pi, Mbot Robot …

Students have to submit a description file for their project. Students have to submit (a link) also a 2 minutes video (on youtube) as proof for their project. The video must show the ability of the robot to run the program. The robot must run a Scratch code ONLY. The robot design and size are limited by the students’ imagination. Selected projects will be presented in front of panel of judges experts in robotics and electronics. Theme of this category of this year is the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Please visit the competition rules section for more details.

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